About us

Established in 2015, A&K Pacific Sunrise Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading suppliers of premium dates in Malaysia. We are the house of best quality dates fruit with the most affordable prices. As a premier supplier of varieties of dates in Malaysia, we have established a warmhearted relationship with many companies, retailers, business partners, local communities and individual customers across Malaysia. We leverage our direct connection with the farms and producers to ensure that our dates are of the best quality and prices.

At A&K Pacific Sunrise Sdn. Bhd., our clients are assured of quality. We are fully committed to serving our customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way, guaranteeing the expansion of our market reach while creating a solid client base. We offer support and services to all major clients in the region. A&K Pacific Sunrise utilizes a holistic approach to promoting and ensuring ethical sourcing. We implement responsible practice towards purchasing premium quality dates, supporting farmers and complying with environmental standards.


What We Do

A&K Pacific Sunrise Sdn.Bhd. takes pride in supplying sustainable premium quality of dates which are ethically purchased from farmers, prepared, packaged and delivered in the best ways to customers.

We ensure that our dates are in their best quality. We strive to promote social, economic and environmental standards in our practices.

A&K Pacific Sunrise supplies a wide variety of Premium Quality Dates ranging from Deglet Noor to Ajwa, Mabrum, Khudri, Sughai, Safawi, Sufri, Rotab, Medjol and many more.

We have the capacity to supply about 500Tons a year of different types of dates. Our preference and commitment to Premium Quality is the reason why we are considereda major Dates supplier in Malaysia.

Why Choose Us


A&K Pacific Sunrise Sdn. Bhd. places utmost priority on the Quality of its products. We acquire our Dates from reputable farms and carefully prepare and package our products. Our dates are also disinfected before packagin.


A&K Pacific Sunrise Sdn. Bhd. focuses on providing high customer service levels as well as core innovations through the introduction of new packages. We stay on top of our game by conducting exclusive researches to acquireextensive knowledge of market trends.


At A&K Pacific Sunrise Sdn. Bhd., we offer excellent and impeccable customer service. We believe that the success of our company lies in the utmost satisfaction of our customer and thus, we always go an extra mile just to put a smile on our customers face.


At A&K Pacific Sunrise Sdn. Bhd., we always provide and reliable product and service to our customers.